Vibration Test Training

The world of vibration testing is a challenging one to understand. Whilst modern vibration test equipment has been developed to make it easier for engineers to run a test, it has come at a cost, which means many engineers have lost the connection to fully understand what is actually going on. Ultimately this can lead to over or under testing, over or under engineering and a considerable amount of wasted time and cost due to lost testing when something goes wrong.

We have been running Vibration Testing training courses for nearly 20 years with one specific aim – keep it practical !! In the early days of our test engineering we went on many course, all of which had issues: Too much sales content, too many formula, too much maths, too much theory. We have brought together a rare collection of the most experienced vibration testing engineers in the UK and put them in the same place to educate the next generation of engineers. A total experience of over 200 years in all aspects of vibration test from the basics to advanced techniques

Practical Basics of Vibration Shaker Testing

November 2nd 2021 – Loughborough, UK

£175+VAT per delegate, includes refreshments, lunch, full course notes

This seminar is aimed at engineers who are new to the field of Vibration Shaker Testing, engineers who are associated with the testing world whilst not actually involved with testing and for test engineers who have experience without a full understanding of the processes.
The primary aim of this seminar is to provide valuable practical information to engineers and managers to improve the understanding and application of Vibration Shaker testing in project and product programmes.
We will be covering the follwing topics:
– Introduction and overview of Vibration Shaker testing and its equipment, methods and purpose
– Shaker construction details, limits and uses
– Accelerometer operations, selection, mounting and correct cable use.
– Common problems and errors when setting up shaker testing, best practice advice,
– Fixture Design
– Practical demonstration of best practice and effects of bad set up
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Advanced Vibration Shaker Testing

November 3rd 2021 – Loughborough, UK

£175+VAT per delegate, includes refreshments, lunch, full course notes

This seminar is aimed at previous attendees of our basic course who want to understand more about the complex control modes in addition to experienced shaker testing engineers who want to start using and understanding modes such as Mixed mode, SRS, Time Replication and combined environments.
This is also very applicable to managers and other engineers who do not necessarily carry out these tests but may be involved in their specification or the subcontracting of their completion.
We will be covering the following topics:
– Mixed Mode, Sine on Random, Random on Random and Sine on Random on Random.
– Time Replication
– SRS Shock testing (Shock Response Spectra)
– How to rate a test system for these advanced test modes
– Combined modes (vibration and temperature/humidity)
– Practical demonstrations
Full details and Agenda on the booking form – DOWNLOAD