Vibration, Product Test Consultants

Vibration, shock, package testing…. the whole testing process can be a challenge if its unfamiliar. As Vibration, Product test consultants our expertese can help fill in the blanks and get you started with an independent view of what you need and what you can achieve. Many companies are forced into carrying out more product testing and certification to win sales. Starting out in this field can be expensive and time consuming without guidance.

Vibration, Product Test Consultants

Whatever your industry, product testing is crtitical and essential. Do you plan to do this ‘in house’ or sub contract to a specialist? what do you need to know? what do the results mean?

So many questions!!

We have over 35 years experience in the field of vibration, shock and environmental testing from hands on engineering in the Automotive, Defence, Aerospace and Electronics industries through to equipment sales and equipment purchase and installation. We have seen it from all sides and we are completely independent and understand the issues of budget as well as how to present an effective proposal to purchase equipment. Our services are flexible and broad in this specialist field.

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