Accelerometers – The truth and more

The need for accelerometer training is widespread, not just for direct test users but also for designers, specifiers, managers and anyone that touches the world of vibration. Vibration measurement in any application is a great example of the old addage ‘Rubbish in = Rubbish out’. Whilst the world of data acquisition and vibration analysis has come on leaps and bounds over the last 20 years, making it easy for a test engineer to acquire data and create pretty looking graphs, it is all for nothing if the sensor is not right for the job.

In this accelerometer training course we aim to educate engineers about the basics and how to get it right from the first point in the measurement system.

This course can be used towards your continuous professional development goals (CPD), all attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

The course content includes:

  • —Introduction —to accelerometers
  • History —of key principles of physics
  • The principles of operation —
  • Types of Accelerometer, PE (Charge), IEPE, MEMS
  • Accelerometer selection —
  • Accelerometer calibration methods
  • Cross axis
  • Importance of correct cable use —
  • Dealing with noise
  • Accelerometer mounting —
  • Associated instrumentation

This course can be run on site and lasts approximately 2 hours, cost will depend on location, please contact us for details

Our next accelerometer training course will be offered online, dates are planned for early 2022 to suit UK, Europe, USA and Asia region time zones

We also run this course at a number of different venues around the UK, please check back here for details or visit the website