Signal Processing Basics Training

The scenario is, its a new day and your boss tells you ‘we need to do some testing on that new prototype… you went to University, can you run a test and show me the data?’…. what are they on about.

Whilst it is easy to get results with a modern data acquisition and analysis system, they work pretty much ‘out of the box’, sadly there are many pitfalls that means your grpahical data is useless and meaningless (not that your boss will know that!!)

We aim to give you a practical insight into the following:

  • Analogue to digital signal conversion
  • Errors introduced
  • Windows
  • Sampling
  • Aliasing
  • Overlap
  • Analysis types
  • The time domain and the frequency domain

This course can be run on site and lasts anything from 2 to 4 hours, depnding on delegate interaction and level of experience.

We also run a more comprehensive course at locations around the UK which is a full day, keep checking here for details, or visit the website for available courses