Business Management Consultants

The lure of running a business seems attractive when viewed from the outside, however the reality is not always quite so much fun. There are many aspects to an effective business management and we aim to provide a connected approach without looking at any aspect in isolation, this is because in almost all cases everything is connected to everything else.

Our services cover the following areas of business:

  • Book keeping and Accounts : The introduction of ‘proper’ accounts software can seem daunting, we will help you understand the terminilogy, set up the systems and learn how the data can help you make informed decisions about your business. You don’t need to be a qualified accountant!!
  • Business planning : Do you make it up as you go along? effective business planning does not need to be costly and even a simple plan is better than no plan. The benefits to solid planning last for months and years.
  • Manufacturing : Do you use BOM’s (bill of materials), Do you know how much your products cost to produce? Do you know your margins? effective MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) saves time and money and ensures you invest in the right stock and don’t tie up cash unnecessarily. We can help with system integration, setting up BOMS and integration with your accounts.

The most important aspect of our work with our customers is simplicity, we are practical people with a practical approach to business, we do not want to confuse you with long reports and technical jargon, your understanding of what we say is the crucial thing!!