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Our technical expertese covers a broad range of engineering problem solving, strategic development, facility management and project management. Over the years it has become very clear to us that a great number of staff move into technical roles and learn their new job 'parrot fashion', causing lack of interest, no development, low morale and no ability to 'think outside the box'.

Facility Review - Do you have a technical facility? R&D test house? Calibration facility? Prototype shop? Do they have a mix of ancient, very old and old equipment? Do you have all the facilities to meet your new generation product needs? Are there Health and Safety issues? Are your test procedures up to scratch? Is your facility a real selling point of your company? It should be! Let us carry out an independent review and give you some pointers for improvement, let us develop a strategy for facility development.

Equipment Evaluation - It is surprising how many companies have budget for new equipment but never invest for the simple reason that the resources don't exist to evaluate and recommend the right equipment. Our expertise of equipment evaluation and commercial negotiations allow us to offer you this service to plug that gap and to ensure you don't miss out on your budget and secure the start of a great deal.

Environmental Testing - Are you sure your products are fit for purpose? Will they survive the vibrations and shock of transportation? Do you have unexplained field failures? Are you new to these problems and don't know where to start with testing for Vibration, Shock, Temperature, Humidity, Bounce, Pressure, Solar, Rain and numerous other environmental effects? Let us help you solve these problems, we can advise the best course of action, as well as source external test facilities and help with test specifications and procedures.
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