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Marketing is an area of business that is often either ignored or overdone. There are a great number of marketing people who miss out on the basics, the 4 'P's, Product, Price, Place and Promotion. These are the very foundations of a solid marketing plan but of course careful application to your market is needed.

Marketing Plans - A Marketing Plan is a necessity for all businesses, we can help put this plan together, taking into account all aspects of your business, market, product and competition, we can provide a full service that will give you the basis of a rolling marketing plan to be developed year on year.

Marketing Advice - If you don't need a full planning service, but feel your marketing strategy isn't providing the results you need, let us review your methods and current plans, fine tuning can often make a world of difference. Do you take regional variations into account? Some overseas countries expect very different things from their marketing collateral and this can make a huge difference to your sales return.

Competitor Analysis - Full competitor profiles should be compiled and maintained. These are an important part of any marketing, product development and sales strategy. Knowledge of your competitor pricing, products, customer base, staff and turnover are all key features of a profile, ensuring this knowledge is communicated within your business is critical.

Market Analysis - Do you know your market? Are you selling to all the available sectors? What is the value of your potential market? What is your market share? How do different Countries vary? What do you need, to extend into new markets? Do your targets reflect market potential?

Product Analysis - Should be well covered by most business' but are you sure you give this due consideration? Have your competitors stolen a lead? Do your products look up to date? Are the colours right? These are just a few of the basic questions you should be considering.

Distribution - Is your distribution working for you? You may consider this part of your operations area, but distribution can be a good and a bad advertisement for your company.

Route to Market - Direct or Indirect or both? Have you got an effective channel network and how do they perform? Missing out on those new East European or Far East opportunities? How do you market overseas? What are the differences? How do you manage a network of Channels?
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