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We have listed a few areas for you to consider about your commercial/business configuration, give these some thought and if you answer in the negative to more than 10% of the questions, you SHOULD call us!

Business Review - Ask yourself the following questions;
Do you have a clearly defined Business Strategy?
Is your Company structured to produce the best products for your markets and your Customers?
Is money being spent wisely? Are your costs controlled?
What are your profit margins, are they better than the industry average?
Are your facilities/plant adequate and efficient or are they costing too much to run?
Are you making adequate allowances for replacement?
Is your turnover increasing or decreasing?
Do you have a happy workforce?
Think about your answers, would a complete review of your business by an outside professional improve them?

Management Structure - Ensuring your management team has the right skills and experience; getting the correct balance of management to staff (not top heavy). Is your management chain short or long, do you have the right number of staff reporting to individual managers? Is everyone happy and giving 100% effort to the business.

Cost Centres - Your cost centres should specifically identify all the cost drivers of the business, they should not be too large or too small and their content should be well understood. The number of cost centres you have should be manageable from an operational and financial standpoint and they should be agreed and owned by those staff likely to incur the costs.

Profitability - What is your percentage of profit to turnover, is this increasing or decreasing year on year? If parts of your business are making losses, what is causing them. Do you have clear visability of all elements of costs and turnover? You should ensure all elements of your business are working efficiently and cost effectively.

Financial Planning - Do you have a financial plan? Is it achievable? Is it being achieved? Are the elements of the plan based on sensible estimating, can costs be supported by quotations or historical records. The plan should fully reflect the direction, strategy and aims of the business and should comprehensively cover all aspects of cost and turnover.

Risk Analysis - This is a crucial part of every business, but most business pay it lip service; it is essential that as many risks as possible are identified and most importantly, qualified and quantified.
What is the likelihood of the risk occurring? What will be the financial, resource and time effect on you project or overall business? There is much proprietary computer software to assist you in this, but these can only be effective if the original risk analysis is done realistically and thoroughly.

Project Management - Do your Managers have the right resources to do an effective job. They should be using programme and cost control techniques and they must have a Risk Register with "Risk Reserve Finance. Are their reports accurate and informative? Do they have a good understanding of progress and difficulties? Are they happy and confident.
'Consider business as a game of chess, to
be successful you need strategy, planning,
good management, direction, a great team
and to understand your environment.'
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